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V.i.A.: The Ruins 2142 AELE (After Extinction Level Event)

Release Date:
Sep. 3rd 2021 (TokiJAM 002)
cre8tive Media Vault & Starflash Studios
Action / Platformer
Itch IO, MacOS, Windows


Teen  Suggestive Themes, Cartoon Violence

Overview :

A post-apocalyptic game where the player must visit villages, talk to NPCs, and complete quests to find ancient and mystical monsters that can solve each village’s problem while repairing and reconnecting humanity.

The theme was “Pump Up + Ruins” and the game is based on Peruvian Nasca Lines mythology, so the monsters that the player will need to awaken are depicted from the Nasca Lines.

How to play (at the moment)!


W, S, A, D (keyboard keys for Up, Down, Left, Right) to move

2.5D Puzzle – Space To Jump (additional controls for attack and melee attack coming soon!)


Keys for exiting the MacOS Build: Cmd + Q

Keys for exiting the Windows Build: Cmd + Q



* This game is still in prototype mode so the look and feel of it will change drastically over the next few weeks! We will be building/updating this game with new programmed features and artwork, so please stay tuned!

* There is a known issue between WebGL, Web Browsers, and newer versions of Unity (2019/2020) which often causes the web versions of these builds to crash (at unspecified points) due to Java errors. So if this app crashes, just download the Windows & MacOS build versions below! 🙂



A boy named ViA (Valrenzo Ignacio Alois) who wears a chinchilla mask, a toucan feather mantle, and carries some traditional Peruvian weaponry embarks on yet another adventure. He only gets awoken every few thousand years when the earth is in a lot of danger but what is the reason for his recent awakening?

Fight with ancient warriors, seal demons, topple angry gods, and solve mind-blowing puzzles to free celestial spirits while on a mission to save our world, or destroy it.

Key Features:

  • A deep delve into the mysterious origins of the Nasca Lines of Peru!
  • New Relic System allows players to unlock new powers and customize moves for ViA and his many forms!
  • 2.5D RPG-style action stages that unfold into a full world to explore. Fast action and quest-style exploration rolled into one!
  • Huge Bosses, cute monsters, dark-yet-humorous dialogue, and the wonderfully weird and original cast are introduced with beautiful graphics and in HD.
  • Steam Engine and Nintendo Switch Releases coming soon!

“Originally designed for the TokiJam 002 Game Jam and working with Starflash Studios, V.i.A: The Ruins is one of our most ambitious projects yet. While we are currently involved in another project,  we absolutely love the mythology behind this game and are looking forward to completing it when we have time. We`re sure that the players will LOVE it!”

–Walter Ragland, V.i.A. Creative Director & Producer

For Press inquiries please contact us at PR[at]cre8tivemv[dot]com. For a Fan Press Kit, download the kit here.

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