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Quest Of The Gummy Witch

Quest Of The Gummy Witch



Quest Of The Gummy Witch © 2018

Release Date:
July 2018
cre8tive Media Vault
2D Action / Shooter/ Platformer
Itch IO, MacOS, Windows


Teen  Suggestive Themes, Cartoon Violence

Overview :

Our friendly, neighborhood, Gummy Witch, Giselle,  finally has a day off from the academy! Unfortunately for her, some underworld baddies have just broken free from the sanitation seal located under the city and are dead-set on both wrecking havoc and ruining her day.

And all she wanted to do was watch a nice action movie…

Looks like she`ll be getting plenty of action today, though! Just remember, these monsters like to play tricks with her usual spells, so make sure that you grab the right weapon for the right enemy, or else she`s toast!


  • WebGL
  • MacOS
  • Windows

Giselle is quite used to getting herself into and out of trouble, but has she bitten off more than she can possibly chew this time? And what is the secret behind her and the strange pictures in her house?

Find out while blasting minions, demons, necromancers, and tough boss fights. Go all out for guts and glory in this fast-paced, candy-based shooter, with cute monster designs made by kids!

Key Features:

  • A cute-yet-dark candy-themed shooter with vivid colors and imagination!
  • Magic Cast and Weapons Swap systems allows players to unlock new powers and customize moves for Giselle and her many forms!
  • 2D omnidirectional shooter AND 2D platformer action rolled into 1 game!
  • Huge Bosses, cute monsters, dark-yet-humorous dialogue, and the wonderfully weird and original cast are introduced with beautiful graphics and in HD.
  • Steam Engine and Nintendo Switch Releases coming soon!

“Originally designed as a simple and fun GameDev summer study project for my 2 boys, “Quest Of The Gummy Witch” eventually grew to develop a life of its own! Giselle is on cool character and creating this game actually presented us with limitless opportunities to expand on the story. The demo game has received some good feedback so far, so we look forward to continuing development on this project!”

–Walter Ragland, QotGW Creative Director & Producer

For Press inquiries please contact us at PR[at]cre8tivemv[dot]com. For a Fan Press Kit, download the kit here.

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