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Spirits Of The Lost Winds (Unity 2D Game Template)

Spirits Of The Lost Winds (Unity 2D Game Template)
March 26, 2022 wfire3

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This game template was built in Unity (version 2019.4) and is perfect for beginner game developers who like making games without the (often tedious) task of coding. Just think of an interesting story, design a few characters, and swap out the graphics to create your own top-down or isometric RPG, shooter, or adventure-style games with little-to-no-code writing!

The scripts in this game kit are very simple and easy to use in other games such as side-scrolling or Metroidvania-style games as well.

Watch my Unity Game Devlog videos to see how this kit was built and learn how to use the powerful tools and functionality inside.

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This is designed to be a relatively simple and “code-free” template for beginners and people who aren’t so good at complex coding (like myself), but it has a lot of functionality including:

– Point-n-click Character Movement

– Top-down and isometric game sample levels

– Animated Cutscenes Templates

– Dialogue System

– Health Bar System

– Power-ups

– Inventory System

– Mini-map

– Multiple Weapon Swap System

– Bombs and Physics Objects

– Doors, triggers, levers, & portals

– Simple Puzzle System

– Description Cards

– Countdown Timers

– Multiple Default Enemy Types (shooting, melee attack)

– Spawners

– Obstacles and Breakable environments

– Parallax

– Particle Systems

– Music/Sound FX

– Hidden Items, Enemies, and Paths

– Procedural Enemy Monsters

– And more…

I’ll be updating and adding more functionality to this template as I work on the main game and will also be adding more focused tutorials on how to use each element of the template via YouTube  & Patreon so sign up there as well!