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C.D.U.L.O.: Beyond The Outer Rim

Release Date:
cre8tive Media Vault 
2D Action / Platformer
Itch IO, MacOS, Windows


Teen  Suggestive Themes, Cartoon Violence

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“CDULO: Beyond The Outer Rim” is a fast-paced, Metroidvania-style, 2D side-scroller, Action/RPG game that is based on the novel “WildFIRE: Legend Of The Ryukage” and related comic series.

As the player, you will join the otherworldly adventures of Zinjin and his super-elite team of soldiers as they seek to locate and infiltrate the mysterious Shi`aki home-world hidden somewhere beyond the Outer Rim of Attraxian space.

Will you be able to complete your mission and save the world? Or is this one mission the team won`t be able to handle? The fate of the universe is literally in your hands now, so Gear Up and Get READY!

Overview :

The otherworldly adventures of Zinjin and his super-elite team of soldiers as they seek to located and infiltrate the mysterious Shi`aki home-world hidden somewhere beyond the Outer Rim of Attraxian space.

The events of this series take place between Chapters 3 and 4 of “WildFIRE: L.O.R. – Book 1, Vol. 1” and explain some of the major circumstances leading up to the legendary “Zinjin Attack” at the Battle of Ephinox – so you won`t want to miss it!

Game Screenshots (prototyping phase)

Planned Release Platforms

  • Steam
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4/PS5
  • Xbox
  • WebGL
  • MacOS
  • Windows PC


It is the year 2708. The Attraxian Galaxy Alliance has been encompassed in a long and hard war with a mysterious race of alien beings known as the Shi’aki.  Earth, head of the Attraxian Planetary Council, has desperately been battling to unify the neighboring planets within the alliance into a formidable fighting force capable of deterring this alien threat; but it is to no avail. The Shi`aki have proven themselves to be far more powerful, cunning, and relentless than ever imagined.

Although the council`s primary military and intergalactic police force, the Cobra Defense Of Universal Law & Order (C.D.U.L.O.),  has up till to this point been able to combat their armies, it is not enough. As if the constant, devastating, attacks on our atmoshields were not enough, rumors of a brand new Shi`aki super-weapon being secretly constructed just beyond Attraxian Space, on the edge of the hostile Outer Rim has put the alliance on high alert. 
In our story,  CDULO Interplanetary Strike Force TEAM ASHURA – led by Warfare Field Operations Commander Zinjin, has just been dispatched on a top-secret new assignment…  to locate and destroy the Shi`aki`s new super-weapon before it`s too late. What new surprises and alien threats await Zinjin and his team? Time to gear up and find out! 

Fan Art

Of The Week!

by Daniel Gingerwood

Instagram: @space_rookie15

Autumn Colored

Cover Art



As the player it’s your job to seek out and destroy the secret Shi`aki superweapon production facilities hidden throughout the Outer Rim. The story is doled out in CHAPTERS, with each chapter introducing new subplots, planets & foes. Switch between characters to discover puzzles to solve, hazards to overcome, and Bosses to defeat. The core gameplay elements will be:

  • Shooting & Slashing your way through countless hordes of alien enemies! Destroy monsters, and topple bosses to destroy the Shi`aki`s new superweapon!
  • Platforming! Run and jump through beautifully designed levels
  • Exploring! Navigate a world of interconnected levels and Labyrinths
  • Customizing! Earn new abilities, unlock stat-boosting artifacts, weapons & costumes
  • Character Switching! Change characters at any time mid-level in order to solve puzzles with their unique abilities!
  • Storytelling! Cool & stylish characters with an intriguing storyline, great dialogue, and tongue-in-cheek humor. (How is Franklin`s last name really pronounced anyway? Is it “Spell-ee-nee” or “Spa-la-nee”?)

“C.D.U.L.O: The Outer Rim continues the tradition of 2D action/adventure in the spirit of Contra, Strider Hiryu, and the Rockman X/Mega Man X series. Our goal is to introduce the WildFIRE storyline to a whole new audience with a fresh art style and cool, stylized action! We`ll be focusing on silky-smooth gameplay controls as well.”

–Walter Ragland, “WildFIRE: Legend Of The Ryukage” Author, Creative Director & Producer

For Press inquiries please contact us at PR[at]cre8tivemv[dot]com. For a Fan Press Kit, download the kit here.

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