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C.D.U.L.O.: Beyond The Outer Rim – Press Kit

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Press Kit

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A fast-paced metroidvania-style epic saga filled with deadly alien worlds, guns, glory, sacrifice, and a cool group of legendary characters.




It is the year 2708. The Attraxian Galaxy Alliance has been embroiled in a long and hard war with a mysterious race of alien beings known as the Shi’aki.  Although the council`s primary military and intergalactic police force, the Cobra Defense Of Universal Law & Order (C.D.U.L.O.),  has up till to this point been able to combat their armies, it is not enough. As if the constant, devastating, attacks on Earth`s atmoshields were not enough, rumors of a brand new Shi`aki super-weapon being secretly constructed just beyond Attraxian Space, on the edge of the hostile Outer Rim has put the alliance on high alert. 
In our story,  C.D.U.L.O. Interplanetary Strike Force TEAM ASHURA – led by Warfare Field Operations Commander Zinjin, has just been dispatched on a top-secret new assignment…  To locate and destroy the Shi`aki`s new super-weapon before it`s too late. What new surprises and alien threats await Zinjin and his team? Time to gear up and find out! 


* The storyline for this game actually takes place between Chapters 2 & 3 of the original WildFIRE novel.



Original Source Materials (Comics & Novels):

The Novel

The Comic

WildFIRE Legend Of The Ryukage Novels and Comics

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