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Lectures & Quizzes

The Video Lectures and Quizzes in this section are designed to give Japanese students of English simple, quick and effective study tips & techniques covered in our online course that will help them improve their English communication skills! We`ll also focus on identifying and finding solutions to some of the more common problems that Japanese students have when learning the English language.

Test Your English Comprehension Skills!

Lectures & Quizzes

Improving Pronunciation


In this lecture, we`ll have a look at Improving Your English Pronunciation by identifying why English pronunciation can be very difficult for Japanese students who are learning the language. We will then look at some to naturally improve your pronunciation skills while also trying some practice exercises for each of the major English pronunciation groups!

Online Learning In America?

Quiz Lesson

In this lecture, we`ll take a look at Online Learning In America during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Green Sahara?

Quiz Lesson

In this lecture, we`ll take a look at one of the most interesting mysteries of the Sahara Desert!

Why Are Apple Products So Expensive?

Quiz Lesson

In this lecture, we`ll take a look at why Apple-brand products are usually so expensive and what this possibly means for the company`s future from the viewpoint of CNBC.

What is 5G?

Quiz Lesson

In this lecture, we`ll get a quick overview of the new 5G Technology and it`s future implications for the world from the CNBC.

Identifying & Solving Common English Communication Problems


In this lecture, we`ll cover The Root(s) of ALL English by identifying and resolving common English problems that Japanese students often face when learning the language.

Learn How To Use Adverbs, Articles & Prepositions In A Few Easy Steps


When speaking English, Japanese students often have a difficult time knowing when and how to use common adverbs, articles, and prepositions. The reason for this is that there are generally 2 factors that must be considered when using these words that are based on the context of location and time.

In this lecture, you`ll learn a few good tips for using things like “a”, “the”, “on”, “in”, “at”, “by”, “between”, “beside”.

Quiz #1

Quiz Lesson 

Watch this presentation from, then take the quiz to see how much you were able to understand.

Learn How To Quickly & Easily Increase Your Vocabulary Range In A Few Easy Steps


For most Japanese students of English, gaining new vocabulary can be quite an exhilarating challenge! But where can you learn new vocabulary while going through the grind of your busy, daily lifestyle?

Learn The Natural Way Of Learning The English Language


This lecture series focuses on helping our students in Japan to understand the Natural Learning Process that is required for becoming a fluent speaker of any language.

Learn Default CORE English Conversation Skills!


In this lecture, we`ll be taking a look at the The FRAME System which is designed to provide a basic framework of default (core) English conversation skills that students can immediately go out and use to communicate with native speakers.


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