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Elevating Japanese Students’ English Proficiency with Technological Assistance

Elevating Japanese Students’ English Proficiency with Technological Assistance
August 9, 2023 wfire3

Elevating Japanese Students’ English Proficiency with Technological Assistance

In the education world, technology is changing how we learn languages. For Japanese students trying to get better at speaking English, using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and AI-assisted language learning is making a big difference. This article dives into how these new things work and how they might help students.

Learning with Excitement

Getting really good at a new language can be hard, but tech is making it more fun. Imagine wearing special glasses and suddenly you’re in busy New York City, talking to virtual people. Some sound like friends, chatting casually, while others use big words. This cool experience helps you learn different ways to talk in English, from everyday stuff to more formal words.

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Making Talking Sound Natural

When we talk, we use both short and long sentences. Mixing them up makes you sound more like a native speaker. In the past, computers had trouble copying this natural way of talking. But now, computers are better at it with AI-assisted language learning. They learn from lots of examples and can make responses that sound like real people talking, with different sentence lengths and levels of complexity.

Trying Out Cool Learning Apps

Japanese students have cool apps to help them learn English with VR and AR. One app is called “Immerse.” It lets you have practice talks with virtual characters. You can pretend to cook food, attend social events,  chat with friends, or drink coffee in an interactive social environment composed of actual English language teachers and real-world language learners to improve your English skills. While there are other popular VR language learning apps such as “NounTown” and “Mondly”, I personally prefer the Immerse (not to be confused with the Immerse VR or ImmerseMe) app because of the social community interactions and real-world people behind each digital avatar. These types of apps make learning fun!

Looking into the Future

Thinking ahead to 2035, the effect of AI-assisted learning on Japanese students’ English skills could be really big. By then, learners might have super-realistic talks with digital avatars and explore digital places where everyone speaks English. This will help students practice a lot. Mixing up different kinds of sentences will also be easy, just like real conversations. So, by 2035, Japanese students could be really great at English! However, real-world conversations and authentic practice within multiple complex situations will still be an essential part of the learning process.

I believe that`s where VR and AR apps will continue to play a vital role because as technology advances and humans become more pressed for time, students will need fast, efficient, easily accessible, convenient language study venues. For many people, there is no better place to study than from the comfort of their own homes, and VR applications combined with digital avatars provide a perfectly relaxed learning environment for people to network, socialize, interact, and communicate with one another.

Ending Thoughts: A New Way to Learn Languages

Thanks to VR, AR, and AI-assisted language learning, Japanese students have a better chance to learn English while having fun. These new things help them hear different English and talk with computer characters. Looking ahead, things could get even more exciting. Students might become super confident in their English skills. That’s pretty awesome and somewhat essential now for Japan`s future growth in the global business market.!

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