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Things To Do With Your Kids During A Pandemic Lockdown!

Things To Do With Your Kids During A Pandemic Lockdown!
April 19, 2020 wfire3

Learn Fun Things To Do With Your Kids During A Pandemic Lockdown to keep the family fun, stress-free and productive while learning new skills at the same time.

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Fun Things To Do With Your Kids During A Pandemic Lockdown!


These activities are fun and easy to do with all age groups. Most of them don`t require much space and can be done in your living room. They also don`t make a lot of noise (at least not any more than having active children normally does), so they shouldnt drive the neighbors crazy.

Even better, you`ll be helping your children learn new and fuctional skills that they can use later in their daily lives or even in their future careers.

I`ll break these down into different sections for convienience!

Cooking Breakfast or Making Sweets!

Kids generally aren`t normally the best at household chores such as cleaning their rooms, sweeping, or washing the bathtp (unless they are really bored). However, most children love to get their hands dirty playing with something – especially if they can eat it later!

It`s never too early to start teaching your children basic cooking skills. Actually, the earlier they learn it, the better as this is a lifelong skill they will keep. So why not start them off with some simple early morning projects such as making eggs or pancakes in the morning. These are pretty simple things to make and do not really require many materials. They are also easy for parents to monitor and kids can quickly master the techniques to start cooking on their own soon. Kids below the age of 6 should have a parent watching the of course.

Other recommended cooking projects for kids.

In addition to pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon for breakfast, here are some other good cooking projects for small (and large) children. You can find easy receipes for these online, so while you`re in the kitchen cooking lunch or dinner, get the kids to help you!

* Making Cookies
* Omlets
* Baking Breads
* Making Pizza

* Making Pasta Noodles
* Sandwich making
* Making vegetable soups
* Etc

Just turn every day cooking into a fun family activity (if you`re not pressed for time). The kids will remember it well. 🙂

Simple DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects

Kids are usually DIY by nature because it`s a default part of their natural learning process. So why not find fun & cool DIY projects for your kids to do at home in the morning before lunch or before allowing them to play video games in the afternoon? Who knows? They might even pick up a new skill or money-making hobby in the process.

Some fun and easy DIY craft projects that kids really love!

Here`s a quick list of easy projects that I usually do with my kids (and the neighborhod kids) during spring and summer breaks. I`ve also included links to parts that you can order on Amazon for your convenience.

* UV Resin Art/JewelryKids like things that sparkle and shine so these crafts are perfect for preschool to elementary level kids (even older kids like them usually). They are very quick and easy to make as well, usually requiring only about 5 minutes to make. You can quite literally put anything inside of these pieces of art, including real flowers, glitter, rocks, sea shells, etc.

Here`s a basic list of what you will need:

* UV Resin

* A UV Lamp (for nail art)

* Silicone Molds (for easy cration and craft removal. You can buy them or make your own).

* Glitter Powder (be careful with this as young kids will spill it or try to eat it if you are not around. It`s usually not toxic though).

After that, you can just add any other materials that you like to them.

* Flowers
* Pretty Rocks
* Coins
* Etc…

You can also get most of these materials in Daiso for much cheaper!

UV Resin isn`t toxic and the UV Lamps are not hot enought to burn anything usually, but like any responsible parent, you should ALWAYS watch younger children when they are maiking DIY projects. 😉

Most of the designs on this page were made by my mom in Tennessee! 🙂

* OrigamiThe art of folding paper is great for any level of child. With endless forms, patterns and colors at their disposal, the kids will never be bored! Plus origami paper is cheap and you can basically use anything for it. Origami is good for learning basic angles, mathematics and mental focus in smaller children as well.

For elementary school children and above what I recommend is trying to create an entire origami scene with different animals or shapes in an ecosystem in order to teach something. (For example, instead of just making one origami penguin, try to make a few penguins, some origami ice and maybe draw an igloo to create an Arctic scene!)

That will be more interesting for the kids and will take a longer time for them to complete as well. 😉

* Cardboard Houses, Swords or Dolls – You don`t necessarily need to go out and buy anything to keep your kids entertained. Most of the time (especially for younger kids) a simple cardboard box will do the trick! All you need is a few markers, some crayons, some basic glue (or wood glue), and some scissors (or a box cutter if you are around to watch them), and maybe a few sticks or wooden dowels.

Note: It`s actually a good idea to start teaching your kids the proper way to hold, use and respect cutting tools when they are younger and under your supervision. That way they can avoid a lot of mistakes and injuries later. Make sure you watch them properly and have a first aid kit available. Repsonsible parent remember?

Here are a few “cardboard box” swords that my kids and I made for fun on a rainy day. Theirs were for fun and fighting. Mine was for Final Fantasy VII! 🙂

You`d be amazed what your kids can create with simple tools like these! The same concept works for building cardboard houses, race cars, or cardboard dolls for girls.

* Creating T-shirts with Fabric PensMost kids like to draw or paint with colors in some form or fashion. Coloring books are fun, but if your child prefers wearing their artwork by either drawing on their clothes or themselves (tatoos), then you can also have fun with that. Why not make some of their doodles more permanent?

Until they get old enough to learn skills like airbrushing (which I teach small kids how to do anyway), you could always just buy or use some old t-shirts for your kids to draw on using fabric markers! These markers are pretty cheap and easy to use. Plus they are less messy for smaller children than using real paints to create t-shirts.

Just draw what you want, then iron the colored fabric with wax paper and you`re done! The child has a new t-shirt or pair of jeans with their own original artwork!

You can get fabric pens on Amazon here!

* Fabric Markers

* Airbrush ArtIf your kids are slightly older and more artistic, you may actually want to invest in an Airbrush kit. These make for an excellent past time! Airbush kits are not as big, expensive, or loud as they used to be and your kids will have hours of fun designing and paiting their favorite characters on paper, t-shirts or other clothing articles.

Not only is this fun for them, but it also teaches them practical art and design skills that they can use later in life as a career artist or designer!

What you will need for this type of project are the following items. You can find cheaper versions of the recommended products below on Amazon and elsewhere.

* A small air compressor
* An Airbrush Pen (I recommend the double action type)
* Acrylic Airbrush Paints 
* Something to point on (canvas, t-shirt, jeans, paper, etc)

* Digital Art on iPadIf you want your kids to be creative during their time at home but don`t want to put up with a mess, an iPad is a very good investment! Letting kids do digital drawings is a great past time and teaches skills that children can use in an increasingly digital world.

There are thousands of art and drawing apps for iPad and other smart devices, so you have plenty of options to choose from!

One of my favorites is Sketchbook Pro!

More To Come!


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