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Kiba Wood Festival ( 木場木の祭り)!

Kiba Wood Festival ( 木場木の祭り)!
March 31, 2018 wfire3

Kiba Wood Festival ( 木場木の祭り)!

Last autumn I attended the Kiba Wood Festival, which is held each year in Kiba Park nearby in Koto-ku. The word “Kiba” basically translates to “tree/ wood place” in Japanese, because this particular area of Tokyo is also well known for manufactured wood and paper products. ( View more pictures of this event on my Facebook Page! )

Kiba Wood 2

This is a very good event for families because kids and parents alike can play around with making their own wooden toys and gain a little experience with woodworking tools from seasoned professionals! There are also a lot of cool goods and trinkets to buy while you`re there, plus the potpourri smell of fresh-cut wood is something that you absolutely won`t want to miss (unless you have allergies).

Kiba wood 4
They also tend to have Kamen Rider / Whatever-the-new-Ranger-happens-to-be shows for small kids each year, which is good for giving parents a little time to play and shop around.

There are also a few play areas around the park for kids to blow off some excess energy and enjoy themselves.

There`s not so much to eat around the event in general, so you`ll probably want to pack a lunch or stop by the convini to grab drinks on the way there.

Ito-Yokkado is located very close to Kiba Park and there`s a food court + movie theater inside, so if you`re after a little extra entertainment or shopping after the event, that might be a good place to hang out.

But all-in-all, this is a very good event to put on your calendar for next year if you happen to be looking for something to do in Tokyo between Silver Week and Halloween!

Kiba Wood 3


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