Fear Only Limits Your Success.

3mEC: Dealing with FEAR (of using English during real conversations)!

3mEC: Dealing with FEAR (of using English during real conversations)!
March 31, 2018 wfire3

“3mEC: Dealing with FEAR”

Defeating the 8-headed dragon, commonly known as FEAR!

In this excerpt from my 3-month English Self Study iBook , we`ll look at one of the most significant problems that affect most English language students in Japan. Although many students have been studying English (some quite intensively) for a very long time and may have decent verbal communication skills, the problem that many of them face is that they are simply too shy or afraid of using what they`ve already learned in real-world situations.

It doesn`t do you any good to have a water-balloon if you`re too afraid to throw it and maybe get someone wet in the process! Where`s the fun in that? So in this section, we`ll be using a very simple technique to help you overcome your fears of speaking English once and for all. This is VERY useful information so please read it and enjoy!


Read the first chapter to find out more and complete the Vocabulary & Comprehension Quiz at the end!

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