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Tokyo Comiket (Comic & Otaku Festival)

Tokyo Comiket (Comic & Otaku Festival)
March 27, 2018 wfire3

Tokyo Comiket (Comic & Otaku Festival)


Hello, this is Walter, “The English Conversation Doctor”, coming to you from beautiful, but cloudy Kaihim-Makuhari Station. What am I doing all the way out here in Chiba on a Saturday you ask? Well, today I’m here to scope out The first Tokyo Comiket of 2015! (More…)

Tokyo Comiket March 2015 – English Transcript ( トランスクリプトの概要 )

Now, for those of you who don’t know about Comiket, it’s basically one of the largest Independent Comic markets in the world!

Literally millions of geeks, nerds, comic fans & cosplayers from all over the world come to Japan every year just to check out and purchase “dojinshi comics“, which are comics that are created by indie (independent) publishers. Here you can find a variety of rare and original comics that you won’t find in print anywhere else in the world. Like this one!

Sample Indie Comic

>> The Ryukage Comic Series <<

This is the first issue of my own original comic series, entitled “The Ryukage“, which was awesomely illustrated by My friend, and artist extraordinaire, Keith Guitierrez. While I won’t be setting up a booth or participating in Comiket this year, you’ll find a lot of cool and unique comics just like this one inside of the fair!

At Comiket, Publishers can showcase and sell their original works for whatever price they like. Good comics can sell for over 50 times their original printing price here!  Most of the indie publishers enter this market with the hopes of eventually having their comics picked up for serialization or maybe even turned into a popular anime by some TV network that is interested in their story! If you are creative or have a comic series in mind that you want to show off to people around the world, Tokyo Comiket is the place for you!

To give you a little history, the first Tokyo Comiket was held in 1975, with just 32 booths and just over 600 visitors. Now, Comiket is held annually, 2 times per year (once in March and again in August) and racks in millions of Japanese and foreign comic fans each time it’s held. These two events along with the infamous Tokyo Game Show are three of the largest tourist events held in a Japan each year!

That’s enough talk for now, let’s go take a look and see which indie comics are going to be the buzz in this upcoming year!

** Interview Questions for foreign visitors & cosplayers 

          * Self Introduction 
          * Which country are you from?
          * Is this your first time to Japan?
          * What is your favorite manga?

** Interview questions for Japanese Indie comic/game producers & artists
          * Self Introduction
          * Are you originally from Tokyo?
          * What is the name of your manga/game and which genre is it listed under?
          * How many volumes have you printed?
          * Can I get a business card or your site URL so that I may contact you later?

** Interview closing

Thank you very much! Well, I’ll let you guys get back to doing what you’re doing but it was very nice meeting you. Have a good time and take care![/toggle]

Tokyo Comiket 2015 Quiz! - Click To OPEN >>

Section Quiz


What year was the first Tokyo Comiket held?


Question 2


Question 3


Give me a large open section


Horizontal Multiple Choice


Your new question!

Quiz Completed! Now let`s check your results.

New Vocabulary

geek / nerd = オタク

showcase = ショーケース

cosplayer = コスプレイヤー

annually = 毎年

bi-annually = 半年ごとに

infamous = 悪名高い

genre = ジャンル

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