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The 3mEC FRAME System

The 3mEC FRAME System
March 26, 2018 wfire3

3mEC : The FRAME System

In this lecture, we`ll be taking a look at the The FRAME System which is designed to provide a basic framework of default (core) English conversation skills tha students can immediately go out and use after learning them in order to quickly communicate with native speakers.

Visit our 3mEC Online Quizzes page to test your English listening, reading, vocabulary, and comprehension skills using our original and interactive content.

The FRAME System is my very own original teaching method for training students in Rapid Development English Conversational Skills (R.D.E.C.S.), which they can use to push their overall English conversational ability from basic level to business level in under 3 months. 

These lessons are designed for people who have to travel abroad with limited time for study or preparation. The focus of this course is Basic and Survival English skills; so that they can go abroad, communicate, function efficiently and safely make it back to Japan with no issues.


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