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Japan Travel, Culture, & Fun!

Is VR Language Study Effective? Welcome To The Metaverse!

( VR語学学習は効果的か?メタバースへようこそ! )

Elevating Japanese Students’ English Proficiency with Technological Assistance

( AI支援学習で日本人の英語力を高める? )

New Adventure For 2023!

( 2023年の新しい冒険! )

My Hometown In The USA – Chattanooga, Tennessee

( 私の故郷、アメリカ-テネシー州チャタヌーガ )

The Best Italian Yakiniku Restaurant In Tokyo!

( 東京で最高のイタリアン焼肉店 )

Welcome To Minakami Onsen in Gunma Prefecture!

( 群馬県みなかみ温泉へようこそ! )

Motomachi-Chukagai: The Wealthy End Of Yokohama`s China Town!

( 元町・中華街: 横浜中華街の裕福な端っこ! )

Immerse VR インタラクティブ語学学習!

( PC、Mac、Meta Quest 2 VR Headsetで今すぐ利用可能 )

* 14日間の無料トライアル期間にサインアップしてください。3mECのプロモーションコード “WALTERVR “をご利用いただくと、月額利用料が5%割引になります!


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3mEC English Self Study

Why Are Apple Products So Expensive?


Quiz Lesson

In this lecture, we`ll take a look at why Apple-brand products are usually so expensive and what this possibly means for the company`s future from the viewpoint of CNBC.

What Is 5G?


Quiz Lesson

In this lecture, we`ll get a quick overview of the new 5G Technology and it`s future implications for the world from the CNBC.

Learn How To Naturally Increase Your Vocabulary Range


For most Japanese students of English, gaining new vocabulary can be quite an exhilarating challenge! But where can you learn new vocabulary while going through the grind of your busy, daily lifestyle?

Learn How To Use Adverbs, Articles & Prepositions In A Few Easy Steps


When speaking English, Japanese students often have a difficult time knowing when and how to use common adverbs, articles, and prepositions. The reason for this is that there are generally 2 factors that must be considered when using these words that are based on the context of location and time.

In this lecture, you`ll learn a few good tips for using things like “a”, “the”, “on”, “in”, “at”, “by”, “between”, “beside”.

Identifying & Solving Common English Communication Problems


In this lecture, we`ll cover The Root(s) of ALL English by identifyingand resolving common English problems that Japanese students often face when learning the language.

Out With The Old, In With The New Style Of Business English


Examine the difference between old Business English trends (prior to the Lehman`s Shock in Japan) and what students in Japan really need to know in order to functionally communicate effectively in today`s fast-paced global business economy!

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